Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader

Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader

Nota Bene: As of 10/13/2015 this app is in maintenance mode. I'm pulling in useful commits from the community but make no guarantees about long-term support of this project. The unlimited storage plan with Amazon's Cloud Drive has solved my need for cheap large-scale file storage.

Amazon Glacier is a long-term persistent file-storage system for cold data storage.
As a GUI wrapper for the Glacier command line tools, The Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader aims to be an upload and download solution that is as durable as your data.
SAGU is a single .jar file Glacier interface written in Java for cross-platform accessibility. The use of Java assures that you will have access to your files regardless of your operating system when it is time to retrieve your data.

2015/10/13 - Version 0.74.7 - Download

-Implemented logging to the well parsable YAML format
-Error Message is displayed if log file to open does not exist
-Code enhancements courtesy Fensterbank
-Additional endpoints and refactorings by Libor Rysavy
-Fixes by richardneish and philosophicles
-Dependency update

2013/08/02 - Version 0.74.6 - Download

-Update all dependencies
-Add something of a progressbar on multi-file uploads courtesy GitHubber greenwoodma (
-Code enhancements to swing functions courtesy greenwoodma

2012/12/14 - Version 0.74.5

-Regex clean file description for upload. This should reduce InvalidSignatureExceptions overall.

2012/12/04 - Version 0.74.4

-Fix issue with errors downloading from servers other than US East.
-Updated AWS SDK to 1.3.26
-Fixed bug listing only the first 10 vaults on a server.

2012/10/03 - Version 0.74.3

-Bug-patch: File descriptions under 0.74.2 were getting uploaded with a "?" character as a result of the Unicode cleaning. Fixed. Check Glacier.txt and Glacier.csv for file descriptions of files uploaded under 0.74.2.

2012/10/02 - Version 0.74.2

-Increased length of time before socket timeout and doubled number of retries. Should reduce timeout errors for large files on slower connections.
-Upload errors are now logged to GlacierErrors.txt.
-Clean non-unicode characters from upload file path description to prevent possible signature exception.

2012/09/24 - Version 0.74.1

-Inventory request is saved as format "[vaultname][requesteddatetime].txt" now.
-Minor misc. fixes.

2012/09/22 - Version 0.74

-Request a vault inventory from AWS. Current version is rough. Saves unparsed response to file.
    (NB: This is not a replacement for maintaining a local log file. Amazon does not store named files, only ArchiveID's. Archives uploaded with previous versions of SAGU have included the filename as a descriptor, but archives uploaded with other programs may not. Use the inventory retrieval tool to acquire the Archive ID's within a particular vault. It takes AWS approximately 4 hours to prepare your inventory for download.)
-Various fixes.
-Updated AWS Java SDK to 1.3.21.

2012/09/20 - SAGU goes Git!

-Development stall for a couple of days while I learned Git.
-Check out the public repository here: SAGU Source at Github

2012/09/15 - Version 0.73

-Masked secret key.
-Added a button to refresh vaults.
-Added logo.

2012/09/11 - Version 0.72

-Updated AWS SDK to 1.3.19.
-Removed 4GB file limit. The updated SDK should allow for files larger than 4GB. Please report errors.

2012/09/09 - Version 0.71

-Enhancements to upload bar. See what's uploading and what's done.
-Program now regenerates tree-hashes more frequently. Should result in fewer timeouts.
-Bug-fixes, code cleaning.

2012/09/06 - Version 0.7

-The threaded update. UI no longer sticks during upload/download.
-Indeterminate progressbar added. To be enhanced in upcoming releases.
-Batch multiple upload requests at once, even to different servers.
-Have several download requests processing at once.
-UI tweaks and graphical assets.
-SAGU now creates a Glacier.log file, a Glacier.txt file, and a Glacier.csv file by default.
-Glacier.log files are intended to be parsed by future versions of the program and for export. .txt files and .csv files are for viewing convenience.
-OSX users should select the option to view .txt files to prevent logs from opening in the console.
-Known Bug: Progress bar disappears during multiple uploads if one completes first. This is cosmetic. The process still continues in the background until completed or until an error is received. This will be corrected in an update.

2012/09/04 - Version 0.62

-Select upload vault from existing. Selecting a server location populates a dropdown with existing vaults on that server.

2012/09/02 - Version 0.61

-Ability to export logs.
-Improved file selection for download mode in OSX.
-Choose log output (.log, .txt, .csv)
-Save log output preferences and reload on restart.

2012/08/31 - Version 0.6

-UI redesign.
-Download support (Currently Experimental - Unthreaded)
-Create vault.
-Updated AWS libraries.

2012/08/29 - Version 0.52


2012/08/28 - Version 0.51

-Better multi-file support.
-Better error handling.
-Files are now being hosted on dropbox to take some load off of my shared hosting.

2012/08/27 - Version 0.5.

-Added multiple file upload with drag and drop support. Be careful with this. Glacier is not a second hard drive, it works by uploading single files and downloading or deleting by ArchiveID. Amazon does not provide a method to retreive ArchiveID's right now, so your log files are your access to your files. I would recommend zipping large numbers of files together and uploading them as a single file.
-Even better logging! Switched from DataOutput UTF to Writer. Logs should now have standardized layouts and no machine characters. (I recommend saving your old log elsewhere and letting the program generate a new one. Your old log is fine, but some text viewers get confused by dataoutput.)
-Added simple notification bar that appears when program is uploading. Progress bar and threading planned in near future.

2012/08/26 - Version 0.4.

-Added delete archive function. Set AWS Keys and Location/Vault, then insert Archive ID to delete.
-Saves preferences to "" in launch folder and reloads settings on launch.
-Built with Java 1.6 libraries. Java 7 no longer required.
-Set executable bit for Linux/OSX.
-Maintenance fix to logging. ArchiveID's logged under v0.2-0.3 contain an extra "Š" character at the beginning which was a rogue Java artifact. (SAGU will automatically handle this if entered, but users should remove the antecedent Š in early logs if using the archiveID with other utilities.)

2012/08/25 - Version 0.3.

-Direct links to AWS Key Page, Glacier Vault Creation, Log file, SAGU Update site.
-Enable right-click to copy/paste.

2012/08/24 - Version 0.2.

-Upload Logging!
-Logging is enabled by default. Saves to Glacier.log in program directory.
-Log contains Archive ID, Filename, Vault Name, Upload Date
-ArchiveID will be useful for deleting or retreiving individual archives.

2012/08/23 - Version 0.1.

-Ability to upload a single file at a time to the Glacier service.
-Requires Security Credentials from Amazon AWS Console.
-Requires you to create a vault at the Glacier Console.
-Select hosting location via dropdown.
-Select single file.
-Upload file to selected vault/server.
-(Amazon Glacier inventory is updated approximately once per day. It may take 24 hours for your files to appear.)


Requires Java : Make sure you are updated to the latest Java. (Ubuntu Help)

Download: (v0.746) Win/Mac/Linux (.jar)

SAGU Source Available at Github
GNU General Public License Version 3

Report errors or contact: (LinkedIn) (Facebook) (Twitter)
Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader is free and always will be.
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